Friday, June 19, 2009

back to basis (rm15 including postage)

sydney 1
1 pcs available.
2 pcs available each color for this design.exp creamy yummy
from left.(sydney 2)(sydney 3)(sydney 4)
from left and upper.(sydney 5)(sydney 6.creamy yummy)(sydney
from left . (sydney 8.)(sydney 9)(sydney 10)
all sold
from left.(sydney 11.available)(sydney 12.2 sold)
from left.(sydney 13.)(sydney 14)(sydney 15)

sydney 16(2 pcs each color).from left. (black+purple), (maroon+cream)1sold, (pink+cream)
all sold
from left. (black+green)1sold, (black+red) , (white+black)1sold
all sold
creamy yummy

sydney 17.include. (black.dark choc.white.lite pink)
all available

sydney 18.include.(dark 2)
all available