Wednesday, June 17, 2009

another way to wear your shawl. (credit to

1. A very easy yet stylish way to wear your shawl is to wrap it around your neck like you would a scarf. This style keeps the neck warm and just letting the ends hang down from your shoulders makes the overall getup interesting. You can adjust the ends so they are not even for a more laid back look.

2. Another simple style is to wrap it in a way that it gathers at the elbows. This style is very sophisticated and is perfect when you have a shoulder-baring dress or top. To create this style, just place the shawl across the shoulder with both ends falling down your front. Then shrug off the cloth off your shoulders and just let it bunch up at your elbows. This style is mainly done as fashion statement and obviously will not work if it's chilly because it leaves your shoulders bare.

3. The shrug-style is a great way to wear this accessory with a short dress or a fitted tee. The style is similar to the above except with this one you keep it wrapped over your shoulders and your arms. The ends are tied at the back so the piece is secure and the flaps are out of your way.

4. If you need to keep warm and still want to look chic, try these two styles of wearing a shawl - the cape style and the wrap.
To do the first one, simply throw the ends of the garment over your shoulders and bring them back around to your front where you will tie them in an ascot-style knot. This will create a small cape that will look great over a sweater or any shirt. It's cute and adds warmth. To do the wrap, just drape it over the shoulders and bring the entire width of both ends to cross in front of you before tying them together at the back. This style makes it look like you are wearing a cropped wrap-around sweater.

5. You can also turn it into a skirt. Just wrap it around your waist and secure properly with a knot or a clip. This looks cute over leggings or denims or to spice up a plain shirt.

Choose accessories that coordinate with the fabric, colors and textures of your Colorful Shawls.